Alexela Oil

Honest fuel

You will get honest fuel from Alexela!

A change in legislation will come into force on 1 April 2011, with which the mandatory value added tax deposit was prescribed for fuel sellers. Alexela Oil recognises the decision of the Parliament to begin to additionally regulate the retail and wholesale market of fuels to end the uncontrollable tax fraud of some fuel businessmen so far. According to the chairman of the board of AS Alexela Oil, Ain Kuusik, the imposition of a 1 million euro claim for those operating from an excise warehouse to free circulation is especially important about the decision of the Parliament. The price in Alexela petrol stations will not rise due to the imposition of the deposit. You can find an explanation of how the price of fuel formulates below.

Kuusik does also not agree with the claim that the deposit is meant for killing off small petrol stations. „Any kind of honest competition on the market is welcome,” said Kuusik. According to the chairman of the finance committee of the Parliament, Taavi Rõivas, the small petrol stations that have honestly paid taxes will get a discount on the determination of the deposit.

Taxes paid

Alexela Oil decided to join the „Honest fuel” campaign. From the beginning of March there are stickers in all Alexela petrol stations, which assure the consumer that Alexela has conducted and will in the future conduct an honest business and will pay the state all taxes. As our client you can be sure that you are buying fuel from a company who fulfils its duties to the state and the society.

Alexela’s suppliers

The quality of the fuel and services is very important to Alexela and these criteria are very important also when choosing the suppliers. All of fuel sold by Alexela Oil is in accordance with standards set by the Republic of Estonia and the EU and they are supplied by Europe's best refineries.

Price of fuel

It is still often unclear to consumers what the price of fuel consists of. The price of Alexela’s fuels consists of the following factors:

  • the price of petrol and diesel fuel on the world market. The price is determined by the relationship of offer and demand. The price of petrol and diesel fuel is in daily change on the world market. Alexela buys fuels on the basis of Platt’s European Marketscan quotation;
  • the exchange rate of the US dollar and the euro;
  • national and local taxes;
  • competition on the local fuel market.

Proportionally the price of fuel can be divided as follows: • 45% is the cost price of fuel (this is not affected by the retailer of the fuel), • 50% is comprised of taxes (value added tax, excise tax, liquid fuel tax) and • on average, the retailer’s mark-up is 5%.