Private client discount cards

Alexela Discount card

With the Alexela Discount card you will get fuel and all services cheaper:

  • Permanent discount of 2,4 eurocents per litre of fuel (gasoline, diesel, CNG and LPG autogas) in all of our filling stations;
  • Permanent discount of 2,4 eurocents per kilo of CNG;
  • Coffee –15%;
  • Warm foods -10%
  • Car goods –3%;
  • Household gas –5%;
  • Trailer hire –5%;
  • Discount at the Autosõit OÜ driving school -5%
  • Automaailm stores provide -5% 
  • JAZZ PESULATES 5% discount for all services and goods (except in self serve car washes and the following carwash-stations: Kadaka Jazz, Laagri, Läänemere Jazz, Jazz, Smuuli Jazz, Sõle Jazz)

In addition, seasonal discount offers.

Fill out this Discount Card application form on the right.

You will receive the card within 10 days.

Discount Card can also be ordered in all Alexela station-shops. In this case, you will get the card immediately.

In case you want to renew your old discount card, you can add the old card number. We will send you a new card within 10 days of the request to the address indicated. Card renewal orders can also be made in our stations. Also in this case, we will send the card by post to the address in the application.