Private client discount cards

Alexela Home Card

Discount on fuel Alexela Home Card gives a possibility to save on fuel up to 5 eurocents a litre. The discount is calculated as a sum of the following discounts:

  • Permanent discount of 2,4 eurocents per litre
  • Receive additional discount of 0,6 eurocents per litre by refuelling at the Preferred Fuel Station
  • Receive additional discount of 1 eurocent per litre by refuelling at a minimum amount of 70 litres (kg) per month
  • Receive additional discount of 1 eurocent per litre by concluding electricity or natural gas agreement with Alexela

Other discounts:

  • Coffee at Alexela convenience store -15% 
  • Warm food at Alexela convenience store -10% 
  • Cylinder gas at Alexela convenience store -10% 
  • Automatic carwash -10%
  • Alexela Home Package electricity margin ZERO* 
  • Alexela Home Package natural gas margin ZERO* 
  • Trailer hire at Alexela convenience store -5% 
  • Car goods at Alexela convenience store -3% 
  • All products and services at JAZZ PESULA car wash station -5% (except for Kadaka Jazz, Laagri Jazz, Smuuli Jazz and Sõle Jazz car wash stations) 
  • Possibility to secure your household with Compena´s especially wide cover 
  • G4S home security on generous conditions**
Conditions for receiving additional fuel discounts with Alexela Home Card:
  • The customer has to own Home Card and register it at Alexela fuel station before purchasing fuel. Alexela Home Cards are all newly issued Home Cards, and all previously issued Alexela Discount Cards.
  • As of November 1st, 2018, a Preferred Fuel Station in which the customer prefers to refuel his/her car most often (according to the consumption data) is automatically appointed to all previously issued Alexela Discount Cards. If the customer applies for Alexela Home Card for the first time, the Preferred Fuel Station should be appointed by selecting one´s choice on the specific form in the self-service portal or by ticking the appropriate box, if applying at the fuel station. If the Preferred Fuel Station will not be selected on the paper application form, it will be appointed for him/her by selecting the fuel station in which the customer applied for the card. Amendments made on the paper application form regarding the change of Preferred Fuel Station, will enter into force within 10 days. The customer will receive an additional discount of 0.6 eurocents per litre at the Preferred Fuel Station.
  • In order to use additional discount at the Preferred Fuel Station, the customer must submit valid personal data to Alexela. Personal data can be checked and updated at the self-service portal, which can be accessed through the website
  • Each customer can appoint only one Preferred Fuel Station, i.e. the discount is a personalised discount. If the customer owns several Home Cards, then all of them have the same Preferred Fuel Station.
  • In order to use the 70 litre (or kg) discount, the customer has to use Alexela Home Card before refuelling a car at a minimum amount of 70 litres (or kg) within last month. If the level of fuel consumption will be lower than 70 litres (or kg), the customer will not receive an additional discount. The opportunity will resume automatically next month, if the fuel consumption condition will be fulfilled. Discount rate: in case of fulfilment of fuel consumption level 1 eurocent per litre will be added to the permanent discount.
  • Discount that depends on the level of consumption is card based, i.e. if the customer has several Home Cards, the fuel consumption is not summarised.
  • An additional discount in an amount of 1 eurocent per litre will be added to the permanent discount, if the customer will conclude a natural gas or electricity agreement with Alexela. After the end of the validity of the agreement, the validity of the additional discount will also end.
  • Only those Home Cards/Discount Cards and electricity and natural gas agreement that belong to the same person may be linked together. If a  person has several Home Cards/Discount Cards, then all of them may use an additional discount emanating from the electricity and natural gas agreement.
  • Within the period of discount campaigns, the customer will receive highest possible discount. Additional discounts will not be added, and the customer may only use one discount at a time (discount campaign or Home Card additional discounts).
  • Discounts apply to all fuels except for special diesel fuel.
  • One customer may hold up to 4 Home Cards.
Alexela Discount Card automatically transforms into Alexela Home Card