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Alexela Payment card

A payment card makes filling up cheap, convenient and fast.

The payment card is meant for a secure cash-free settlement and allows buying fuel at an even cheaper price. Alexela Payment card is valid in Alexela’s petrol stations across Estonia and in two Lithuanian petrol stations; it can also be used as a means of payment at Alexela’s cooperation partners’.

Alexela Payment card corresponds to the security requirements for and international magnetic stripe card. The card has a PIN number, which is known only to the user of the card.

It is possible to aggregate an unlimited number of loyalty cards under one client account, a record of the use of which will be kept in the Alexela card centre: a client will receive periodical statements of their loyalty card’s balance and transactions.

The discount given to a payment card depends on the means of settlement and the turnover of the cards in litres. In case of an advance payment the client will make an advance payment into Alexela’s bank account on entering into the contract, the size of which the client can freely choose in guidance with their actual consumption. At the end of the month Alexela will submit to the client an invoice or balance notification for the previous month’s use of the payment card.

In case of paying by invoice the client will be invoiced with a frequency and payment deadlines previously agreed.

Acquaint yourself with the terms of the contract (PDF) of Alexela’s Payment card.

With the Alexela payment card you will get all services cheaper:

  • Coffee –15%;
  • Automatic carwash -10%
  • Car goods –3%;
  • Household gas –5%;
  • Trailer hire –5%;

To get an Alexela payment card, choose one of the following two options for applying:

Fill out the form and we will send you a loyalty offer

Click here to open the Client Contract (PDF).

Fill out the application form, have a legal representative of your company sign it, and bring it to your closest Alexela petrol station at our card centre at Roseni 11, Tallinn 10111.


If you lose your card, call the card centre between the hours of 8:30 and 17:00 at 6290 001, 6290 029, write to us at or call our 24h mobile hot line at 530 77 877.

Alexela cooperation partners

Car washes

Jazz car wash

in Tallinn
Mustakivi tee 15 (tunnel car wash)
Paldiski mnt 60 (hand car wash and tunnel car wash)
Suur-Sõjamäe 4 (hand car wash and tunnel car wash)
Läänemere tee 2b (self-based car wash)
A.H. Tammsaare 64 (tunnel car wash)
Paldiski mnt 98a (self-based car wash)

in Keila
Ülejõe tee 2 (tunnel car wash)

in Tartu
Turu tn 32/1 (hand car wash and tunnel car wash)
Ringtee 28a (hand car wash and tunnel car wash)
Kalda tee 43 (tunnel car wash)

in Paide
Pärnu 116 (tunnel car wash)

in Viljandi
Riia mnt. 20 (tunnel car wash)

With the Alexela Loyalty card all services in the above-mentioned representations of Jazz Car Washes are 5% cheaper!

Everfeld pesula Tartus
Ringtee 75B (tunnel car wash)

Additional information on Everfeld’s telephone 5373 8494 and website

With the Alexela Loyalty card all services in the Everfeld car wash are 5% cheaper!

Other petrol stations

Jetoil As
Kärdla automatic petrol station
Kõrgessaare mnt 2a, Kärdla, Hiiumaa
Käina automatic petrol station
Mäe tn 9, Käina alevik, Hiiumaa

Võru petrol station and shop
Vilja 6, Võru


Petrol stations in Lithuania


You can also use your Alexela card at Neste petro stations in Lithuania!

You can use your Alexela card to pay at Neste petrol stations in Lithuania, located right on the border between Lithuania and Poland in the Marijampole region. The petrol stations are open 24h daily. If you have questions or problems, please call customer service at (+372) 6290 001.

*Attention! Alexela card discounts don't apply at these petrol stations!

GPS coordinates for petrol stations:
N.Valijos: 54.328337, 23.150017 (or 54°19'42.01", 23°09'00.06")
Salaperaugio: 54.329697, 23.149728 (or 54°19'46.91", 23°08'59.02")

Automaailm shops

Automaailm stores provide -5% discount. NB! Alexela payment is not accepted for payments.

Loyalty Card Application

Taotluse esitaja annab Alexela Oil ASile õiguse oma isikuandmed töödelda lepingu ettevalmistamise, sõlmimise ja teenuse osutamise eesmärgil (sh on Alexela Oil ASil õigus pärida ja kasutada kõiki andmeid, mis on minu kohta avalikustatud AS Creditinfo Eesti hallatavas Ametlikus Maksehäireregistris krediidivõimeluse hindamisel). Alexela võib eelnimetatud andmeid pärida ja edasi töödelda üksnes maksevõimekuse kontrolli eesmärgil.

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